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Hydro jetting or also known as hydro blasting is done by using high or ultra high pressure fresh water to clean and remove clogs, scaling, sand, paint and grease build-up on the external or internal surface. This technique is widely used for pipes and coolers as well. Hydro jetting is applied in various industries where cleaning and descaling is required such as marine, oil and gas and industrial sectors.This technique is one of the best cost effective and environmental friendly concept. We offer hydro jetting services as a package which comes with qualified and well experienced hydro blasters, pump operators and pumps with the pressure ranging from 3,000psi to 30,000psi. Our Professionals ensure Safety, Quality and Reliable Service.


Arrange the Hydro Jetting machine, wilden pumps and hoses for the hydro jetting work to be carried out.


Water from fresh water tank is pumped to the hydro jetting machine.
3,00psi to 30,000psi washing and hydro jetting is done.